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2 hours structured Kalamkari – areca leaf plate art Workshop

Fee  –  2000/-*

Date: November 25th Saturday 2017

Time: 11 AM to 1 PM

Venue: No 909, 1st Floor, 27th main, 38th cross, Jayanagar 4th T block, Jayanagar, Bangalore

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

About Kalamkari Areca Leaf Plate Art:

Kalamkari or qalamkari is a traditional art form. The subjects are depicted from the episodes of Hindu mythological stories. The motifs include temple scenes, wall panels, village scenes, animals, images of deities like Ganesha, Rama, Krishna, and Arjuna. Some of the motifs include trees, birds, animals, and flowers.

With this 2 hours structured Kalamkari areca leaf plate art workshop, you will take an art piece of kalamkari design along with step-by-step demonstrations that feature a variety of techniques and a range of subject matter.

This is a 2-hour ‘Kalamkari Art on Areca Leaf Plate’ workshop will be apt for beginners who want to get their hands on Kalamkari designs.  Lessons & exercises are designed to expand and improve skills on Kalamkari Art.



About Kalamkari:

Kalamkari, the art of painting with natural dyes is an exquisite form of textile art with ancient heritage. The term is traced to be originated from the early period of the association between the Persian and the Indian trade merchants identified the textile art from India as Kalamkari. The name is derived from the word ‘kalam’ which in Persian means Pen and ‘kari’ in Urdu implies the craftsmanship involved. Thus Kalamkari showcases the horde manifestations of hand-painted textiles with natural dyes. The pen mentioned in the term kalamkari is a short piece of bamboo or palm stick which is shaped and pointed in the front forming a nib.the art of kalamkari is completely handcrafted with the usage of natural or vegetable dyes and metallic salts called mordants to fix the dyes in the cotton fibers. The integral part of this art is the exact resist process which involves complex and careful dyeing, sketching and painting of the intricate design and occasional addition of gold and silver tinsel into it, the process takes place with great care and love for the art.

The artist with their innovative ideas uses cow dung, seeds, plants and crushed flowers to get different interesting outcomes. The fabric needs washing after each application. Thus, every fabric can undergo up to twenty washes before it is at the completion stage.
Today the world has been depleted with the use of chemicals, fortunately, we have realized the need to adopt natural substance, Kalamkari is then just the right kind of work.

Read more about Kalamkari here for Kalamkari Designer wears

Take away from this oil painting workshop:

• One Home Decorative Art in kalamkari
• If you are a beginner this will be an awesome start to learn on Kalamkari Design.
• Learn how to make art in a group
• Have the hands on experience on handcrafted designs

How to enroll?

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