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Have you ever thought you can’t draw?

ABCD – Anybody Can Draw – if they stick into a #GoldenRuleOfDrawing

We, Coloring India used to host stress buster workshops for corporate employees. Recently “ABCD – Anybody Can Draw”, a stress buster workshop was carried on for SAP Labs, Bangalore.

Irrespective of whether we like or don’t like our jobs, it’s highly likely to stress us out at some point in time. Thus it becomes really necessary every once in a while to let pass, blow off some steam and cool it down. There are various methods to do so. But indulging in something creative is a great stress buster. Art therapy, for instance, can help express hidden emotions, and reduce stress, concern, and anxiousness. It is recognized to induce similar effects as that of meditation.

At SAP Labs, Bangalore, on their creative day, we Coloring India hosted ABCD – Anybody Can Draw session. It was approximately a 90min workshop with artist Soman Patnaik, a self-taught artist, who is expert with acrylic, watercolors, oil paints, graphite etc. The fundamentals of pencil drawing was the subject explained by the artist.  Though this less time frame was not sufficient for learning art, ColoringIndia could inspire the participants to took up pencils and let their creative thoughts flow through the papers.

The  ABCD – Anybody Can Draw session’s golden rule is to keep practicing and observing the things which we use, feel in our daily life.

One might argue that a workshop like this might not be of any use to people who don’t know how to draw. However, reality is that anybody can draw, but we only “think” that we can’t. The workshop helped these corporate employees learn to draw and have lots of fun while doing so.

A creative activity like this can do wonders for any company. It helps employees break up with stress and pump in fresh energy which in turn helps achieve better performance.

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