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Corporate Team Art Workshops by Rang De Studio Bangalore

Corporate Team Art Workshops by Rang De Studio

Let’s relax and start exploring the creativity with in.

Rang De Studio is not only the art promoters but are also the norm breakers, through their stress buster workshop for corporate employees they are showing the power of art in the corporate world. They have proved that art therapy has the power to heal and relieve stress which leads to a state of being completely engaged in art to a point of being in a near- meditative state. Art helps to experience a flow and get fully involved in the activity. The activities conducted by the corporate art workshops not only helps the employees to vanish the stress busting cells but also help the employees to socialize among themselves, understand the system of working in groups and organising themselves for quality work and increased performance.

Exploding Stress With Creativity

Corporate Art Workshops majorly focus on imparting relaxation and relieve stress of the employees with the creative process we follow. We eradicate stress and bring tranquility to the pressurized along with benefitting the employees relaxation, team building and analyzing power through our creative and unique program.
Following are the creative process we follow helping you to transform your stress into a mediation art therapy environment, where the terms like deadlines, pressure, stress, corporate depression ceases to exist.
Finding a creative space with in

Ready to Rang De?


Why Rang De?

The difference between the ordinary and extraordinary is the term ‘extra’ and thus we love to stand a step ahead from our competitors in terms of the quality of our service and organized workshop. Experience the best fine arts organisation in south India

The Strong Knowledge

We hail from the community of Fine arts and are nurturers of art. The mentors guiding & assisting are dedicated art follower & experienced fine artists. This simply portrays why we are the best for your corporate stress busting/team building workshop through art.

A Strong Team

We are the team who brings you the most experienced and skilled mentors to crack open the stress generating cells in a structured and organized manner. Start your ABCD (Any body Can Draw) with us. Transform your stress into a mediation art therapy environment.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Many Attendees Can Have In One Session?

One mentor can hold 25-30 attendees at a time if it more, then we need to split them into a group.

Do you have online sessions?

Yes, as pandemic is here.

Will You Able To Arrange The Materials For The Participants?

Yes, we can arrange any type of art materials for the workshop needs

What All Options You Have As Art Workshop?

We can suggest 9-10 interesting options for the workshop, please request us for the presentation.

What Is The Minimum Duration Of A Corporate Art Workshop?

The best minimum duration will be 90 Minutes without a break and it can be multiple with breaks.

Do You Arrange The Sessions In Outdoors?

Yes, Plein air art is an interesting subject.

How Much Does It Cost?

This depends on the number of participants, duration, and type of the workshop you choose, we can quickly figure out if you place a request to us.

Call on +91-8150010700 or drop a message to us!

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