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Rang De Studio-The cheap and best art supplies store in India

Quality is what matters most

Rang De Studio, is an art store promoted by Rang De Bharat Foundation. A store by the Artists for the Artists.

At Rang De Studio, we supply a wide range of unique and wonderful art materials that inspires and unleashes the artist within you.

Our store comprise of the most basic necessities such as pencils, brushes, watercolours, etc. to other higher end products like easels, canvas, frames, etc. for your tryst with art.

Art is a field that is solely based on one’s skills and creativity. Your ideas are further grown and implemented by the use of the unique and best art materials that help you express your uniqueness, style and enhances your creative skills, making you want to do more of quality artwork.

This is where we stand apart from our counterparts,  providing ‘unique art supplies’ that cater to your art needs. With this variety of products in our store, we want you to enjoy your experience with art and make your passion for art grow deeper and fonder, and nurture your ideas for doing your best in the field of art.

Only Sustainable Materials

Quality Over Quantity

We are adding the sustainable materials day by day, and will be available to art seekers to have it with minimum cost.

Quality Over Quantity

Rang De Studio makes creating artworks  easier than ever before.


Easy Checkout

We have updated the system to more user friendly environment, so it's easy to navigate through site without bugs.

Easy Shipping

We do ship to entire India with a flat fee. And you will also have more options for speed.

Chitrapat Blocks

We are the first store to sell the Chiitrapat handmade papers online, all other stores have even copied our product images too.

For Artsits

Rang De Studio is managed by artists of Rang De Bharat, a little depth knowledge on supplies than others.

Experience Matters

10 years experience in fine arts industry. Connected with veteran artists and helping young artists to blossom.

Passion on what we do

We are passionate in fine arts and supporting the seekers at the maximum we can.
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